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What is the 2-1-1 listserv?

 Feel out of the loop when it comes to community events, job opportunities, service projects, or grants? Wish there were a way to share information with the entire non-profit community quickly, easily, and for FREE? Join the 2-1-1 listserv! Share and receive information with the Cortland community regarding:

The listserv is available for employees or volunteers at not-for-profit agencies, county and city departments, elected officials, board members, or other interested community members. The 2-1-1 listserv is available thanks to Seven Valleys Health Coalition and Cortland County.

Terms of Use

Positive ways to use the listserv: DO NOT:
  • Send emails about events, supplies available for donation, and non-profit job opportunities.
  • Use the subject line to specifically describe your event or information.
  • Request information for your non-profit or clients.
  • Send readers a link or copy the document into the body of the email.
  • Keep your messages short and simple.
  • Provide good contact information.
  • Type with simple text - Warning: bold, italics, and bullets may show up as embedded symbols.
  • Use attachments, business card signatures, or graphics.
  • Use the listserv for ongoing dialogue. If you want to respond to another subscriber, please respond directly to that individual, not the entire list. If you reply to entire list, EVERYBODY will be receiving excess emails.
  • Distribute your resume, solicit funds directly from subscribers, sell merchandise or services, send partisan political messages, or advertise the rental/sale of real estate.
  • Post information for the same event too often.
  • Send out-of-office emails to the listserv.
Clicking on “I Accept” indicates you have read and accept these terms

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Once you are subscribed, you can send messages to 211-L@cortland-co.org in order to reach all listserv subscribers with a single email. Having difficulty receiving or sending emails to the listserv? Please contact Seven Valleys Health Coalition: Aaliyah@sevenvalleyshealth.org or call (607) 756-4198. To use the following commands enter your email address under Subscribe Set Listserv to Digest Mode
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